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Fridge.Live will use wireless IoT devices to assist food processors, restaurants, cafes and pharmacy owners to monitor the temperature of their fridges. Our customers will enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their key team members will be alerted by robo-call and/or SMS when their fridge temperature falls outside set thresholds.

Launching April 2020

When a deceased person is professionally relocated by van from a hospital or home to a mortuary or crematorium, HumanTrackr's IoT technology will securely track the movement of the body from point-to-point, delivering peace of mind to family and friends and ​allowing funeral arrangers to better plan their operational requirements in advance.

Launching May 2020


For time-critical freight via air, sea and land, ​businesses no longer need to call their courier, transport company or freight-forwarders customer service line for ETA updates. They simply place one of our wireless 4G/5G IoT devices in one of their boxes and through GSM tower triangulation, they can see the whereabouts of their goods, 24/7. When geo-fenced destinations are breached, a voice and/or SMS alert is received by the despatch team, as required. You're in control.

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